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Over 100 years ago, Albert Einstein presented a


to the scientific community


He discovered that


even our THOUGHTS

and through energy


"In my first one-on-one session with Gail, she took me through the Energy of Success formula and I learned how energy affects my mood and thus my actions and the outcome. Now I am able to recognize when I, or someone around me, is in a lower level energy and how to work with it and shift it.  As I applied that information to my day-to-day business and personal challenges, I instantly noticed that I had more energy, more focus, more trust, more ease, and more playfulness in my business, my health, and my life in general. 

I recognize now that I was trying to manage and grow my business tapping into an energy that was generated by negative thoughts and feelings. Being an entrepreneur is an ongoing learning process and the solution to challenges in my business did not come from bigger goals, a social media campaign, or a better business plan."

Suzanne Brosnan

Founder, Zanni

Los Angeles

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way."
Albert Einstein

Discover a power

you never knew you had 


energy OF SUCCESS 


Learn exactly how and why your MINDSET

sabotages your energy and success


In this content-packed 2-hour one-on-one session, you will discover a

new and relatable approach to utilizing the subtlety of your energy

to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings,

and how they inform your

behaviors and eventual outcomes and results

Discovering the seven different lenses through which we ALL experience life

will change the way you think about and respond to

stress and uncertainty in your business and life


"Although I work with energy every day, the Energy of Success session helped me integrate into my daily awareness the knowledge that my thoughts and feelings are energy and have a profound impact on the results I am getting in life. When I feel stuck and I am getting the same old results, I now know how to shift from my default levels of energy to a level of energy that serves and supports me. Knowing I can choose how I show up and what level of energy I want to bring to a situation has helped me find inner peace and transformed the way I deal with challenges in both my personal and professional life." 

Kim Edwards 

Reiki Healer, Angel Essence Alchemist 

Three Peace in a Pod



you will love this session

First, you'll take an online energy assessment survey, The Energy Factor. Prior to the 4-hour Mindset Makeover Session, you will receive The Energy of Success Mindset Makeover Guide and your assessment results in the form of two graphs that indicate your unique energetic resonance when things are going normally for you, what happens to your energy when you are experiencing stress, and how that unconscious shift may be sabotaging many areas of your life. 
I'll introduce you to the two types and seven levels of energy and after you have your AHA moments, together we will create a strategy and plan for you to begin consciously using the wisdom of the energy of success to up-level your consciousness and create whatever it is that you want to experience in life.
To support you on your evolving journey of energy consciousness, I'll follow up with the Post Session Guide that provides even more transformational tips, tools, and wisdom. 




> Understand your energy so deeply that you can manage it under any circumstance

> Discover your deepest unconscious thoughts and how they sabotage your best efforts toward success

> Learn how to handle challenges and challenging people

> Recognize what types of situations trigger your energetic nosedives

> Access a flow state - be on-purpose, focused, creative and passionate

> Make confident decisions, set boundaries, and stick to your priorities

> Cultivate beliefs and create thinking habits that accelerate your success 

> Tap into your innate inner wisdom to gain clarity in any circumstance

> Show up for yourself and others as the greatest expression of yourself 

> Embrace change with confidence and trust

> Recognize your intuitive voice and trust it

> Reduce chronic, illness-causing stress 

Live more in the present 

> Become a conscious leader in every area of your life 


Being coached by Gail was pure magic. Gail's tremendous insight and powerful intuition revealed things about my energy and its flow that proved to be an important awakening for me. With this awareness and clarity, I got my mindset and energy on track so that I could leave my job and launch my own coaching consultancy. By shifting my perspective in just one session, I could see the opportunity in coaching as a full-time business and I now have a strategy and plan to make that happen.

Sharlene Goldfischer, Life Leadership  Coach

Philadelphia, PA

Quintessence Coaching

If you aren't a client yet, this session offers a great opportunity for you to get a feel for the coaching experience before making a commitment to the private coaching series. That said, at the end of this session, there is no obligation to continue work with me and there will be no hard sell to purchase the private coaching package. You have my word. 

The Mindset Makeover session with Gail was one big ahh-ha moment that extended for 2 hours, and beyond. It gave me a language to identify and understand the pattern of thought - feelings - energy - action - results that I inherently knew existed but had never consciously noticed. That realization was healing, and life-changing. 


I'm now mindful of how I show up in my life, and I am transforming, especially at work. I am owning my old patterns of thinking and how, for example, I was focusing on the "bad" and not noticing and leveraging the "good" in may work situations and communications. 


I am much less judgmental and more confident that energy can and does have a positive impact on the outcome of these situations, so being aware of my energy is really important. I've seen huge shifts in my connection and communication with clients & co-workers. Interactions that were previously draining, now leave everyone feeling empowered and energized!

Tiffany Paciola

Interior Design Sales Associate

Los Angeles, CA

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