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As Core Energy Coach™ I completed a nine-month coach training program through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), one of the top global training organizations for coaches that is accredited by The International Coaching Federation. Upon completion of the program, 100 hours of practical coaching experience, and passing a written and oral exam, I become a certified professional coach (CPC). 


I launched my coaching business with 5 clients in January 2012, after only one month of coach training.


One year later, I extended my training with IPEC to include certification as an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (MP-ELI).  This certification allows me to administer and debrief the Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment, a groundbreaking assessment that provides deep insights into the client's unique beliefs and behaviors by identifying how their energy and level of consciousness shifts in the different areas of their life when some aspect of their life feels stressful. 


The Core Energy Coaching™ process draws from the most effective core competencies and applied theory from positive psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence, leadership development, Quantum Physics and more, to help clients experience positive transformation and sustainable changes.


This is a holistic approach to coaching that focuses on awareness, clarity, visioning, and brainstorming, goal setting, behavior modification, action taking and accountability.


This style of coaching lifts the client's energy, increases their engagement in the activities that matter most, supports self-awareness and intentional action and provides consistency and accountability. 



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