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I have been intensely working with Gail for almost a year in preparation for the launch of a new business. We have interacted via weekly freestyle calls, 30-minute emergency calls, 3 and 4-hour Skype strategy jam sessions, and via emails for feedback on important communications and marketing content. Since she had an interior design business, her coaching proved to be incredibly valuable in regard to perspective, experience, and ideas for future goals. Gail completely surpassed all the ways in which I expected a coach would help me. Without her guidance and spirit, I would not be able to take on such a huge endeavor that requires me to lead a team and strategize and manage a business in ways I never have before.  I plan to lean on her long-term as a partner that cares deeply about my business and, in more ways than I can count, supports me in making it a success. 

Genevieve, Trousdale, Interior Designer, Founder

West Hollywood, CA

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For the

Conscious entrepreneur


Customized for each client

based on their unique

situation, goals, and intentions

Check out the CLIENT SUCCESS page

for inspiration on what can be achieved

by working with an experienced 

business strategist and coach

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the series includes

> Energy of Success Mindset Makeover - a 4-hour intensive learning and coaching experience.*


> 8 Weekly Freestyle Coaching sessions, via Zoom


> Weekly action and accountability plans


> Relevant tools, tips, forms, worksheets, and articles

  * This session may be split into two consecutive 2-hour sessions

"I see coaching as an investment, not an expense. Whenever I follow Gail's intuitive guidance, I make money. Need I say more?"

Gil Alan, Spiritual Teacher

Channeled Guidance

Los Angeles

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WHAT ARE you investing in

when you invest in coaching?


that will have such a have a profound impact on the realization of your dreams that your future self will thank you for it



in personal development and learning that is so clarifying, expansive, and insightful that it empowers you into the mindset of success 



to focus on decision making, business development, strategizing, and implementing



that supports you as you step out of your comfort zone and helps you stay focused, energized, excited....and accountable



that will change the way you think about yourself and your business and that will manifest change in all areas of your life

"After coaching sessions with Gail, I feel excited and energized about my business. Instead of feeling like I have to figure everything out myself, I now have someone with knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness that helps me come up with solutions and strategies that keep me on track. I look forward to my weekly coaching session because it is a great source of relief and empowerment."

Sarah Boyer, Partner, 

Eco-Housing Design Group

Los Angeles, CA






What heights of success could you achieve

if you committed to a weekly one-on-one coaching session

that keeps you focused, efficient, effective, and accountable?

Even at this point in my long career, working with Gail was transformative. She guided me through changes in my behavior patterns that improved both my professional and personal everyday life. I learned how to stay on point and focused so that I can finish more projects than I ever thought possible (and in a timely manner). She inspired and encouraged me to use the extra time I found to get back to my creative roots and that has transformed my whole perspective of work and life. 

Michael Kraus, Retired Co-Founder

Putumayo World Music

Philadelphia. PA



FAQs about coaching can be found on the ABOUT COACHING PAGE

For clarity on how coaching may specifically benefit you, as well as rates and availability, let's arrange a call

so we can get acquainted and explore the possibilities.

*    This is NOT a 45-minute sales pitch  


however, it is a complimentary call that is designed for serious inquiries only  

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