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As a teenager growing up in Philadelphia, PA, I dreamed of living a meaningful and exciting life filled with beauty, adventure, learning, and love. 

My career and work reflect a lifelong appreciation for art, culture, design, music, fashion, and food. For over 20 years I have passionately coached, mentored, and supported artists, artisans, and small businesses worldwide.

From my first full-time job in New York City as a merchandiser instructing jewelry designers on how to interpret fashion trends so that my clients (major department stores nationwide) would purchase their designs, to traveling the world to places such as Bali, Japan, India, China, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, S. Korea, Uruguay, Italy, and France helping artisans create, manufacture and export products to the US, to co-launching a record label to bring world music to the mainstream, I have helped hundreds of artists and designers make a living from their talent.


Encouraging, supporting, and empowering artists and entrepreneurs to produce something meaningful that will change their life for the better is the mission that drives and motivates me.


My gift is in deeply connecting with people, understanding what makes them tick, and helping them believe in themselves.


My superpower is helping my clients sift through the multitude of options and opportunities, and resources available to them and then creating a strategy and plan to share it with the world in exchange for a livelihood. 

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Algabar Home & Life Retail Store - Los Angeles
images by ray katchatorian, laura hull, karyn millet

Gail Baral brings over 30 years of business experience and personal and professional development to her work as a business strategist, mindset coach, startup mentor, workshop facilitator, and speaker.


Known for her razor-sharp intuition, calm positive energy, and uncanny ability to pragmatically organize anything into a logical or beneficial structure, Gail works with clients in a collaborative coaching partnership that focuses on awareness, clarity, creativity, action, and results.​ Her list of clients spans the globe and includes CEO’s, founders, creative and tech entrepreneurs, designers, writers, chefs, coaches, healers, executives, and middle management in corporate, small business, wellness, and non-profit sectors. 

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 Fête Du Thé Catering and Events
images by cathy shambly, khali macintyre, carin krasner

With over three decades of corporate, small business and entrepreneurial experience in fashion, music, home decor, gourmet food, publishing, and event planning, Gail has expertise across all aspects of business, from new business development, hiring and training, strategic planning, operational management, international sourcing, manufacturing, and team building, to marketing, social media, and publicity, to product, package and space design.  


She is certified as a professional coach (CPC) and a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (MP-ELI) by The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), which is recognized as one of the country's top training programs for professional coaches.


As a mentor for the Albuquerque, NM-based Creative Startups Accelerator, the first in the US designed by and for creative entrepreneurs, Gail coaches and advises startup founders on their business model and strategy, operations, marketing, strategic alliances, and customer acquisition as well as visionary thinking, confidence, productivity, habit modification, and stress management. 

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The Algabar Tea Collection Wholesale, Retail, Online
images by ray katchatorian, gail baral

Prior to launching her coaching business, Gail was the founder and creative director of Algabar Home & Life, a lifestyle brand with an artfully curated retail store in the Los Angeles design district, for which she designed, produced and wholesaled her eponymous brand of specialty teas, artisanal gourmet foods, bath products, home accessories, and furniture. Algabar was featured in many publications including Oprah Magazine, Town & Country, Food & Wine, and House Beautiful, and was honored as one of the global elite “Design 100” by Metropolitan Magazine. 


Driven by her passion for creating experiential events, she also founded Fête du Thé, a catering and event business whose signature tea experiences attracted an exclusive “A” list of private and corporate clients including The Montage Beverly Hills Hotel, Lexus, Waterworks, Hugo Boss and the E! Entertainment Network.


Earlier in her career, Gail served as President of Putumayo Clothing and President/Co-Founder of Putumayo World Music, as well as Vice President at Basco, a men’s and women’s designer clothing brand owned by Barneys New York


As a freelance stylist, photographer, and writer, Gail's work has appeared in numerous books, blogs, and magazines and she has produced fashion shows, art openings, videos, and a concert at Carnegie Hall. 

Freelance Stylist Books and Magazines
Extraordinary Cakes by Karen Krasne / Rizzoli
image by ray katatorian
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