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What would you create

if you had a

professional coach and mentor

on your team?

My current and past clients have created amazing successes and manifested many goals

With an action plan and a revitalized sense of confidence and belief in themselves, they pragmatically took one step at a time towards their clearest and greatest vision for their life, and this is what they created......


Started a business

Expand their product offerings and services 

Asked for and got a promotion and raise

Overcame fear of networking


Hired the right person for a position

Created an online marketing funnel 

Significantly reduced overhead

Launched a successful social media campaign

Created a one-year strategic plan for increasing revenue

Saved their marriage

Ended their marriage

Overcome a fear of public speaking

Entered into strategic alliances and joint ventures

Decreased overhead, increased revenue

Negotiated a partnership agreement

Launched a blog

Increased media exposure

Got a Patent for their product

Raised Angel investment

Created training procedures 

Mastered time management

Improved focus, concentration, and productivity

Gained confidence


Reduced anxiety and stress

Created a year-long Mastermind and filled it

Launched and fully funded a crowdfunding campaign

Published a book

Invited to speak at a conference and retreat

Created a series of marketing videos

Formed a partnership, ended a partnership

Created a brand, redesigned and relaunched a brand

Professionalized/systematized customer communications

Started, completed, and launched an eBook or print book




Created and launched a workshop

Hosted a spiritual retreat

Overcame the fear of flying

Faced financial challenges and changed their relationship with money

Volunteered their time for causes they are passionate about

Eliminated gluten or sugar from their diet

Accepted their empathic and psychic abilities, learned how to manage and develop them

Built back strength, energy, and stamina after surgery

Created note-taking, follow-up, and accountability habits

Found a new job that they love

Launched a weekly newsletter

Improved their inner-office communications

Streamlined their employee review system

Fired an employee or service provider

Eliminated positions and consolidated job responsibilities

Launched a podcast or radio show and landed their first guest

Got clear on who their ideal client is and what niche market they serve

Created coaching packages and set rates

Strategized effective communication w/business partners, employees, spouse

Created personal branding and designed a website

Executed workshops and retreats

Improved their verbal communications

Created an exercise or meditation routine

Sustained healthy eating and exercise habits

Lost weight

Gained clarity and perspective on negative emotions towards family or friends

Gained the confidence to speak up for themselves

Set boundaries at work and in their personal life

Created new beliefs and shifted their mindset about circumstances or relationships

Committed to regular volunteer work 

Completed coaching certification

Improved their perspective of their team's contribution to the organization

Switched from a for-profit business to non-profit 

Repaired damaged relationships

Created a pitch deck, secured investors 

And more.......

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